Friday, October 10, 2008

Better Late Than Never


(Henra's Take)




I would have side with The Politico on this one and say that this debate may have been the worst ever. There is something odd about the whole "Town Hall" ordeal. Many, including McCain, feel that Town Hall style debates are more authentic and more intimate with voters. Apparently, they've never actually watched one. I hate to be the predictable basher, because that is too easy to do. Some debates lack thunder power and some are only interesting to real politicos. But for "that one", it deserves every flung turd that comes its way.

The TH style debate was a complete flop because:

(1) It mildly satisfied those in the crowd at the expense of 60 million Americans who had to watch John McCain wandering in the background, not to mention the entire thing seemed shoddy.

(2) The bar stools/
giant chairs were annoyingly tall (for both men).

(3) Some questions went for the heartfelt homey feeling. All this did was get the candidates awkwardly close to people in the crowd and forced us all into watching a paper-thin acting game that looked like a middle school play tryout. Make the audience FEEL your empathy? Pssht. Bogus.

(4) The loud carpet and wall coloring didn't work for TV.
News flash: Red and Blue may be patriotic, but they don't have to turn you color blind.

(5) Finally, the format prohibited legitimate crossfire and discourse between the candidates. Let's bring back those good ole
'Cut The Lying Sack of Crap' interruptions we saw in the first debate. Let every attack be countered.

John McCain may love to say "Never Again" to a second Holocaust.
I say "
Never Again" to a Town Hall debate. Please, God nOOOOO!

In terms of the candidates, they honestly both seemed quite mediocre and Obama beat some expectations about his ability to play in McCain's home court. The only thing people will remember is "That One" and perhaps Tom Brokaw's sexy voice. Oops! Did I just say that?


Bill said...

I'd like to add my own dissatisfaction with the debate. I saw the introduction of the town hall format as a way to actually add more structure to the debates, in an attempt to keep the responses brief, substantive, and relevant to the questions. This backfired, much to the chagrin of Tom Brokaw. The candidates continuously overspent the time allotted to them, and spent as much time making swipes at each other and then correcting the swipes made against them. Much to the chagrin of the candidates, this structure did not allow for rapid-fire responses. A question is posed to candidate A, and then the same is asked to candidate B. Candidate A is allowed a rebuttal to candidate B's response, and this is followed by a rebuttal by candidate B. Then a new question is posed to candidate B. This framework is fine if the candidates follow the discussion format. But since so much of the debate was occupied by a back-and-forth the structure ended up allowing candidate B to get the final word without any chance for candidate A to respond.

Bill said...

Saturday night live picked up on the same thing we did