Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama Takes The Gold at ND, Touchdown Jesus Is Denied His Vote




52.6% of
votes went to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the recent mock election at the University of Notre Dame. John McCain and Sarah Palin picked up 41.1% of the vote. In a school that is traditionally known to be more conservative, this came as a shocker to some. To others, the combination of Chicago roots, age, and enthusiasm made this a likely outcome. Perhaps some blame Obama's victory on the international students who voted. Of course, Europe would try to infiltrate our election. Crazy hippies!

I'd like to give Notre Dame credit for being enlightened, but that would imply that there was something overtly handicapped about supportin' a hockey mom. Only in America... Anyways, I was a little stunned by the margin, but expected Obama to win (by a sliver).

While overseeing the College Democrats this year, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe we would dominate this election season on campus. So far, Democrats on campus have signed up more members, had more volunteers, and have come in droves to the 3 debate watches thus far. Just walk through D2 parking lot and see the ratio of Obama:McCain bumper stickers.

So there it is. Obama wins the mock election. Looking back on the 2004 mock election, where Kerry lost to Bush by less than 1%, I wonder if maybe Notre Dame is the ultimate bellwether. Nah! Obama can't win by 11 points. Not against Team Maverick.

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Bill Sanchez said...

It's all about the enthusiasm gap. We're conservative here at ND, but conservative students are so unenthusiastic about the McCain Palin ticket that many of them didn't bother voting. They couldn't be bothered to take a minute out of their time to vote in the dining hall?
And yes, this is indicative of how the general election is going to be. Look at the way Republicans have been talking about Democrats this year. Obamamaniacs? Obama is a messiah?
This is the kind of petty stuff that Democrats used to say about Bush supporters. What does this all really mean? It means that this year Democrats actually like their candidate, unlike the Republicans.
This is a nice turnaround from the campaign in 2004. Let's face it Democrats, we just didn't like Kerry. And that made all the difference.