Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Your States Are Belong To Us!!!

Dr. Dean Has Left The Building
As DNC Chairman Howard Dean announces he will step down from his position, Lefty's reflects on the legacy of Dr. Dean and how it has shaped the election...

Many felt that Howard Dean's most lasting legacy would be his infamous scream from the 2004 Democratic Primary. However, it is becoming more apparent that Dean's 50-state strategy has paid off. Many pundits are beginning to suggest that the 50-state strategy laid the proper groundwork for the Obama campaign to step into. I tend to agree. This past summer, I was lucky enough to work for Howard Dean (albeit indirectly) at the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The Chairman explained the importance of party building everywhere. It was more than winning in 2006 & 2008. It was about building lasting party identification and networks in all parts of the country. And in some way, as we have seen from the New York times map, the party has successfully penetrated almost every part of the country.

The strategy that helped shape Dean's own campaign was applied as the philosophy of the Democratic Party as a whole. When Dean said he was going to "South Carolina and Oklahoma, Arizona, North Dakota, New Mexico, California, Texas, New York, South Dakota, Oregon, Washington and Michigan," he really meant it. So for your farewell, Lefty's salutes the work you've done with a little treat:

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Henry Vasquez said...

I was thinking about it, and if Dean actually turned the entire country blue like our map, he wouldn't be stepping down as chair. Then again...I could see Dean doing the whole resting on the 7th Day deal, a la God style.