Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sarah Palin's 15 Mins of Fame, 2008-?

Like many people, I was hoping that an Obama win would put an end to Sarah Palin and Joe the plumber's 15 minutes of fame. Instead, I was wrong.

Very wrong.

Joe's rumored to have a book coming out: Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream, as well as a website, and even a country music deal. Ugh.

As for Palin, she's still taking interviews. NUMEROUS interviews.

Since last Friday, she's given interviews with her local NBC station, assembled Alaskan State Capital reporters, a CNN correspondent, Greta Van Susteren, Matt Lauer, Wolf Blitzer and Larry King-- to name a few.

Working to correct the evil liberal media? Possible presidential bid in 2012? More SNL skits/appearances?

Who knows, maybe she'll even sign up for her own daytime talk show or a reality TV show like "The Palins".

Sadly, it looks like we'll be seeing Palin around for a while.


Bill said...

I don't understand how someone with a degree in journalism can have such a horrible misinterpretation of the role of the press and the first amendment.

what a clown

Tokiea said...

yea. its super ridiculous. i mean this is the problem in the first place right? let's talk about policies, not about why you hunt caribou instead of moose. give me a break

-tokiea f