Friday, November 14, 2008

A Tough Act To Follow

In a break from the norm, Lefty's is mixing things up with a review of the recent Bond film, which we saw together last night. Here's our take:

Bill: enjoyable, but a little bit of a let down after the glory of Casino Royale. B

Demosthenes: C+

Sebastian Lederer: I was disappointed by this continuation of the series. After Casino Royale, QoS was clearly a step back. The movie seemed to wrap up some of the leftovers of Casino Royale, but was not even successful in doing that, as Mr. White is still out there. Bond seemed bitter and angry and lacked his classic charm. Still some great chase sequences and a few good one liners made this movie average. C

Kate: B-

Henry Vasquez: As a stand alone movie, QoS would be a solid action film. But it aspired to be a true sequel, and because of its ambition, we must consider it in relation to CR. In that sense, the plot was less enthralling, the Bond girl was more attractive, and the overall presentation was a decent evolution of the Daniel Craig heros journey. B


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