Friday, June 13, 2008


TIM RUSSERT (1950-2008)
(June 13)- NBC news Washington bureau chief and moderator of "Meet the Press" dies of a tragic heart attack. Russert, 58, was an Emmy-winning journalist seen as a leader of the news community. Russert spoke at the 25th anniversary Red Smith Lecture on April 14 at the University of Notre Dame, where I was lucky enough to see him. He left us with a message about honor and responsibility in journalism and politics. Russert will always be known as a master of interviews and a person of integrity. May our thoughts and prayers be with his family on this day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Democratic Town Crier

"The Constitution of the United States of America has divided time and space."

-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (IL-2), speaking to the Democratic National Committee summer interns about an epic paradigm shift enacted by the US Constitution which fundamentally changed the nature of our existence, making it possible for people such as Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to become the Democratic nominee for President.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The rich and their tax cuts

It is quite odd, though not entirely surprising, that presidential candidates rarely shed light on the reality of income taxes. The Republican Party places an impenetrable shield of populism in front of themselves by broadly proposing lower taxes. The Democratic Party struggles to make their message resonate by virtue of complexity-i.e. suggesting more segmented, nuanced tax proposals. The reality, that the American people deserve, is that the wealthiest Americans pay a fairly low percentage of their wealth, one that has only been lower 16 out of the last 95 years of income taxation. At one time the wealthy were taxed on their top dollar at obscene rates such as 90%. I may not agree with trickle-down economics, but I know that anything higher than 70% is going to put a serious hurt in one's economy. But this isn't the entire picture. The entire dilemma rests not as much on the fact that the wealthy pay so little, but that we define the wealthy in very different ways than we used to. In 2008, if you make $212,000 annually, you are not wealthy. You are well-off. You are riding the edge of the upper middle and upper class. You still have to make sacrifices to send your children to college, to save enough to retire. You are quite different than those who make, say, 5,000,000 annually. Yet you pay the same percentage rate. Somewhere along the line, we simplified our tax code, making it so that those who most would consider middle class were actually being taxed higher than before, and those who were ultra-rich were paying the same as those who were well-off. The Democratic Party needs to tell the truth to the upper middle class. They need to show them that they are getting the short straw. Then the Democratic Party needs to talk to the working and middle classes, explaining how they have been duped by such simplified rhetoric. If Dems want to stand a chance of winning the rust belt for years to come, they really must use a firm, directed approach at economic populism to rally the working class vote. For Republicans, they may as well continue what they are doing. It has worked since Nixon and Reagan...somehow.

Old Layouts

Here are some old Lefty's layouts from back in the day. 
Look how far we've come!

"This one is kind of ridiculous. I drew a picture of Che on a jack-o-lantern in 2007, and had a picture taken of it. When I joined Lefty's I decided we needed a new banner, and to keep with the 'Lefty' theme I put up a picture of a prominent Lefty."

"A sort of post-election twist on our old banner. This one unfortunately doesn't have a real picture of a jack-o-lantern. Just a pixelated image of Obama's face pasted on a picture of a pumpkin. Not my best work."

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