Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama Takes The Gold at ND, Touchdown Jesus Is Denied His Vote




52.6% of
votes went to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the recent mock election at the University of Notre Dame. John McCain and Sarah Palin picked up 41.1% of the vote. In a school that is traditionally known to be more conservative, this came as a shocker to some. To others, the combination of Chicago roots, age, and enthusiasm made this a likely outcome. Perhaps some blame Obama's victory on the international students who voted. Of course, Europe would try to infiltrate our election. Crazy hippies!

I'd like to give Notre Dame credit for being enlightened, but that would imply that there was something overtly handicapped about supportin' a hockey mom. Only in America... Anyways, I was a little stunned by the margin, but expected Obama to win (by a sliver).

While overseeing the College Democrats this year, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe we would dominate this election season on campus. So far, Democrats on campus have signed up more members, had more volunteers, and have come in droves to the 3 debate watches thus far. Just walk through D2 parking lot and see the ratio of Obama:McCain bumper stickers.

So there it is. Obama wins the mock election. Looking back on the 2004 mock election, where Kerry lost to Bush by less than 1%, I wonder if maybe Notre Dame is the ultimate bellwether. Nah! Obama can't win by 11 points. Not against Team Maverick.

Better Late Than Never


(Henra's Take)




I would have side with The Politico on this one and say that this debate may have been the worst ever. There is something odd about the whole "Town Hall" ordeal. Many, including McCain, feel that Town Hall style debates are more authentic and more intimate with voters. Apparently, they've never actually watched one. I hate to be the predictable basher, because that is too easy to do. Some debates lack thunder power and some are only interesting to real politicos. But for "that one", it deserves every flung turd that comes its way.

The TH style debate was a complete flop because:

(1) It mildly satisfied those in the crowd at the expense of 60 million Americans who had to watch John McCain wandering in the background, not to mention the entire thing seemed shoddy.

(2) The bar stools/
giant chairs were annoyingly tall (for both men).

(3) Some questions went for the heartfelt homey feeling. All this did was get the candidates awkwardly close to people in the crowd and forced us all into watching a paper-thin acting game that looked like a middle school play tryout. Make the audience FEEL your empathy? Pssht. Bogus.

(4) The loud carpet and wall coloring didn't work for TV.
News flash: Red and Blue may be patriotic, but they don't have to turn you color blind.

(5) Finally, the format prohibited legitimate crossfire and discourse between the candidates. Let's bring back those good ole
'Cut The Lying Sack of Crap' interruptions we saw in the first debate. Let every attack be countered.

John McCain may love to say "Never Again" to a second Holocaust.
I say "
Never Again" to a Town Hall debate. Please, God nOOOOO!

In terms of the candidates, they honestly both seemed quite mediocre and Obama beat some expectations about his ability to play in McCain's home court. The only thing people will remember is "That One" and perhaps Tom Brokaw's sexy voice. Oops! Did I just say that?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Nation of Whiners


Being Offended As a Strategy?

A recent email circulated to the Notre Dame College Republicans ironically has become emblematic of the McCain campaign and the Republican party as a whole.
This will crack you up.

Here's the transcript:

Fellow Domers and Republicans,

Last Thursday, the College Democrats called upon their liberal friends on
campus to come out in massive numbers (150+) to the College Republicans debate
watch in the LaFortune TV Lounge to demonstrate that *Obamamania* has a
stranglehold over the University of Notre Dame.

Their behavior at the event was embarrassing on so many levels – as American
citizens, and, furthermore, as Notre Dame students. Prior to the debate, the
College Democrats co-president Spencer Howard asked all Democrats in the
room to raise their hands – they did – and they then all sneered at the
Republicans who were in the minority. This was *inexcusable*. During the
debate, the Democrats, some of whom were professors, disparaged, insulted,
verbally attacked and sought to humiliate :'-( every single Republican in the
room. This was also inexcusable. While their club members were busy
insulting and maligning, the officers of the College Democrats were silent
and did nothing. *We are all Irish. This is not how we act.*

We *cannot* let this stand. We *must* not let this stand. We must take back
the debate and demonstrate that liberals do not control our beloved
University. We must show the Democrats that we won't be cowed in our support
of a man who possesses great experience in the face of a man who has none.

Let us take back Notre Dame by taking back the next debate tomorrow *(Tuesday)
night at 8:30pm in the LaFortune TV Lounge* and by distributing the many
"Pro-Family, Pro-McCain Palin", "Irish for McCain Palin", and "Catholics for
McCain Palin" signs amongst your friends and in your dorms. We will also
have pre-ordering available for the "Irish for McCain Palin" shirts that
will be hitting campus on Thursday. Please bring your Republican friends
tomorrow night.

Thank you very much,

Officers of the College Republicans


What's really *shameful* is how a once proud party has become a bunch of wimps

It appears that John McCain's campaign strategy has winnowed down to acting offended and complaining that “life isn't fair”.

Whether it's attacking a moderator before a debate that the campaign itself had already stated would be “disastrous” or reverting to complaining about the press after low poll showings the Republicans have shown that after years of dominance that they have now become such a fractured, confused, and weak party that they are completely incapable of engaging the Democrats in any real discussion of policy.

John McCain, the man who, in 2005, referred to the press as “my base”, now regularly accuses the press of conspiring against him. This, despite the fact that the mainstream media covers negative Obama stories more than negative McCain stories. After the excessive backlash as a response to a this story about McCain's improper relationship with a lobbyist that appeared in the New York Times, the MSM has completely backed off from pursuing any story that negatively reflects McCain's character. McCain had the audacity to blast the New York Times for being biased against him a month after the paper endorsed his candidacy. In the meantime, legitimate stories about John McCain, such as the Keating Five scandal go uncovered in the MSM.

I should be offended at the low level of discourse that the Republicans have taken the campaign this season, but I have to laugh. At all levels, from college Republicans straight to the top of the campaign, the pathetic calls of “unfair” are a sign of desperation. They have no real attacks against the Obama campaign that resonate with voters so the only strategy they have left is “blame the refs”. McCain's economic advisor, Phil Gramm, was right. “We've become a nation of whiners”. Yes, Phil, you have.