Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Comfort of a 6-State Firewall

If you are worried about a possible loss for Obama, consider the 6-state firewall he has right now. Based off the Kerry States + the new automatics (IA, NM), Obama only has to win one of these states, meaning McCain must win them all:
  • Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina

Since Colorado looks to be the safest bet of the firewall states, that is why I think it is the ultimate deciding state. In a landslide, there are multiple deciding states. If the other 5 states of the firewall give in, though, Colorado will likely be the last battle, meaning it will decide the election (convention coincidence?). Of course the polls could move a bit in the next three weeks. We'll just have to see...

(Props and Credit to Mark Nickolas of http://www.politicalbase.com)