Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tom Matzzie, You Were One of Us!


My fellow Co-President was digging through some old emails that were stored on our webmail account. The oldest mail was dated April 19, 1996! Curious, we checked the name and found that the author was none other than former Notre Dame College Democrat Tom Matzzie.

Tom Matzzie, manager of Accountable America and former Washington Director of, was a student at our beloved University. He has been one of the strongest voices against the war in Iraq while heading up Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. To every College Democrat who aspires to join the ranks of progressive operatives, Matzzie is your man. And for your reading pleasure, I have included the text of the email below. Take note of the use of the term "Neo-conservative Whackos." That gave me a laugh. Enjoy:

----- Forwarded message from Tom Matzzie > ----- Date: Fri, 19 Apr 96 02:30:38 0600 From: Tom Matzzie Reply-To: Tom Matzzie Subject: (no subject) To: Hey guys- My name is Tom Matzzie and I am the guy who has thus far preserved the College Dems phone tree at Student Government. Could somebody contact me, we may have to move it elsewhere. By the way, the homepage looks awesome! You may get a phonecall from Student Activities about your color manipulation of the leprechaun. Its copyrighted and the administration is run by neo-conservative whackos who won't let small things slide. In addition, I am the Notre Dame contact for Union Summer. Union Summer is the AFL-CIO's initiative to put hundreds of college students working for the labor movement this summer. Call me and I'll do a presentation if you want. I'm sorry that I've never attended a meeting but Student Government has kept me busy. I may be able to help out next year. Take care- Tom Matzzie 631-4556

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ND Alum to challenge Boehner

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner better watch out: he's in the sights of a Notre Dame Grad. That's right! ND alumnus Dan Lungren of California plans to challenge Mr. Boehner for the top Republican post in the House. Although considered a darkhorse by most, Mr. Lungren may prove to be a formidable opponent.

The talking heads are cautious about predicting a mutiny in the Republican Caucus because public criticism of Mr. Boehner has been so muted. Meanwhile, the Ohio congressman has been working strategically behind the scenes to ensure that no serious challengers come out of the woodwork. Indeed, he successfully neutralized the threat posed by Indiana Congressman Mike Pence earlier this month. You may recall that Mr. Pence unsuccessfully challenged Mr. Boehner for the leadership in 2006.

Mr. Lungren presents an interesting choice for House Republicans looking for new direction. A former attorney general of California, he appeals to the more conservative wing of the party while remaining tenable to the moderates. Conventional wisdom would say not to change horses in the middle of a race, mainly because Boehner did the best he could. Yet, in the search for a new face for the Republican Party, Mr. Lungren may be just what the doctor ordered. He is media savy and certainly appears much less of an insider than Mr. Boehner or his Senate counterpart Mitch McConnell.

Anything goes behind the closed doors of the Republican Caucus, and that's why I think that this is one darkhorse who should not be ruled out.