Monday, April 13, 2009

Arrrrrgh, Matey!!!

In case your head was buried in the sand for the last few days, Johnny Depp fans everywhere were treated to quite a show, when international relations combined with an epic Disneyland attraction culminating in the first pirate attack on a U.S. ship in... heck, I don't know... a couple centuries???

Anyhow, long story short: Pirates unsuccessfully attempted to capture a U.S. vessel and instead took the captain hostage resulting in a standoff between a lifeboat of 4 Somali Pirates and the United States Navy.

Pirates vs. U.S. Navy ...who do you think won?

Apparently there were quite a few people who must have looked at the Vegas odds on this one and decided to go for the long shot. I'm sure you can guess who these clowns were without much effort; but here it is anyway:

What's the deal with right-wingers assuming their own country's military couldn't deal with a handful of fisherman moonlighting as pirates? Are they rooting for America to fail? Are they trying to blame America first? You know each of these goobers would be throwing those kind of accusations at any liberal who made such stupid comments while President Bush was in the midst of dealing with a hostage situation.

President Obama handled this situation perfectly, keeping mum about any ongoing operation despite the whimpering of the fools above, and authorizing a special-ops team to rescue the captain, using deadly force if necessary.

But liberals are soft on defense, right? ...what a joke.

Welcome home, Captain Phillips!


Anonymous said...

Newt Gingrich just told me that Republicans hate the law. How's that for a platform?


Henry Vasquez said...

I think Republicans need to understand the line that separates reality from "24." America/Obama +1, Conservative Talking Heads 0. Nice video, Sham.