Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day at Lefty's

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

Today President Obama traveled to Iowa where he spoke at a manufacturing plant that used to make household appliances that is now producing wind turbines. This is exactly the kind of transformation our economy needs so that we can revive the decimated manufacturing sector of our economy and become a country that produces things as opposed to relying on the service sector and imaginary financial products which clearly didn't work out so well.

It should be the conventional wisdom by now that the United States needs to aggressively implement alternative sources of energy. We're obviously not going to stop using oil & gas tomorrow, and no one is suggesting that, but the development of power sources from solar, wind and ocean currents are going to create jobs and improve the health of the planet. And if we get our act together and start making some serious investments in green technology as a part of our economic stimulus, we will hopefully be able to export this technology to developing energy markets before they, too, become dependent on oil and only perpetuate the climate crisis.

Individual responsibility is also a huge factor in cleaning up the environment. Everything from turning off the lights/water, replacing your bulbs with energy-efficient ones, walking/riding a bike instead of driving when possible. It all makes a difference.

We all need to do our part. I've managed to actually remember to bring my reusable grocery bags to the store three times in a row now, woohoo! So, Lefty's comrades... on this Earth Day, why don't you take a moment and hit up the comment section make some suggestions as to what we can all realistically do to be a part of the greater solution?

Photos: Gerald Herbert/AP


Henry Vasquez said...

We need to change it so the recycling bins in the dorms are larger than the trash cans. If most of what we throw away is recyclable, why don't our containers reflect that ratio?

ShamRockNRoll said...

I agree. The trash cans outside that have those little recycling sections on top are a joke too. We brought that up to the guy who runs the Office of Sustainability when he spoke in my Environmental Politics class last semester and he seemed to know how ridiculous it was and said they're going to fix that.

Who knows when though.