Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fail, Fail, WIN!!!

With all the stress of the last week of classes (and rapidly approaching finals) here at ND, I don't have a whole lot of time to blog, but as I'm sitting here in LaFortune sucking down some caffeine real quick in between classes, here are a few interesting headlines that grabbed my attention this morning...

FAIL - The New York Times has a new conservative Op-Ed columnist. If you thought the boundaries of stupidity had been reached, think again! (Spoiler alert: Dick Cheney for President. No, not kidding. ROFL!!!) As far as I'm concerned, if Republicans want clowns like this framing their party's message, keep 'em coming! ...I'll just snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn and gleefully watch their ship sink.

FAIL - Secondly, a great NYT piece on how a shoddily produced ABC interview in '07 on torture shifted the debate.

WIN - Lastly, from DailyKos, a sampling of some really cute letters to President Obama from young kids.

Happy Tuesday, kiddos.

Update: Here's an interesting piece from Campus Progress about Ross Douthat that I had in mind while I was posting this earlier today.


Anonymous said...

It seems like you may be commenting on the title of the article without actually having read the article. Douthat, who I think is one of the most interesting and thoughtful contemporary American conservatives, is actually critical of Cheney in the article. Don't judge an article by its title.


Jackie Emmanuel said...

I love these letters - I heard some of them on an episode of This American Life recently. I want to meet these kids so bad!

Bill said...

Good call, GBarr!

You're right. What Douthat argues is that if the Republican Party had run a candidate in 2008 who Republicans deemed a "real conservative" (in his example, Dick Cheney) they would have been destroyed in the polls. Then the lesson of the 2008 election would have been unequivocally that the country has made a move to the left and the Republican Party must move with it. Instead the conclusion reached by many conservatives that the lesson of the 2008 election is to move away from centrism. This is proving to be terrible for the Republican Party.

Douthat also argues that Cheney running in 2008 would have provided America with a much needed debate about torture that we did not get in the Obama-McCain race. But that's part of the point of Cheney not running. Cheney never considered running in 2008 so that the Republican Party would not be punished electorally for the Bush administration's unpopular decisions

ShamRockNRoll said...


For the record, I did not judge the article by its title. I just think it's absolutely hilarious that the new conservative commentator at the NYT thinks it would have been better if Cheney would have ran.

I read the article in its entirety. Yes, he criticized him, but I still find it absolutely hilarious that he would suggest that the republicans should have ran the only politician less popular than Bush.

Dick Cheney is a disgrace. I think a debate about torture is good... but we can debate it until we're blue in the face and it won't change the fact that laws on the books were broken by his administration.

ShamRockNRoll said...


Here's an interesting piece on Douthat.

Bill said...

I checked out that piece, and I definitely don't think his comment on Asians was appropriate, but for the most part I see Douthat as a step up from William Kristol.

ShamRockNRoll said...

I would agree with that.

ShamRockNRoll said...

...though, that's not saying much.

After all, the Times was pressured to issue corrections to Kristol's columns all the time because he basically pulled truthiness out of his ass.

Anonymous said...

The Asian comments were a little odd, but if you read them in their original context they aren't as bad. He was basically making fun of being PC, if I remember correctly. Also, he ws a college student. Stuff he has written since has been a lot more PC. Overall, he's a very interesting writer, well worth reading.