Monday, April 27, 2009

Hildawg cracks some more heads

I couldn't help but be inspired by Kate's post below and just had to share this little gem of the Secretary of State walloping Indiana's own Mike Pence on foreign policy:

Pence: Omgz y prezdent shakin satanz hand??!!
Hildawg: The U.S. has had tons of diplomatic success in the past by engaging in talks with hostile figures.
Pence: But we're gonna get cootiez!!!!
Hildawg: Ignoring problems won't make them go away
Pence: LalalalalalalalaIcanthearyoulalalalalala!
Hildawg: You guys lost for a reason...

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Anonymous said...

Love me some hilllllary.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gawd. I can't believe he's my congressman.

Kevin Casimer said...

If if makes you feel any better I'm sure you'll get plenty of opportunities to make fun of Buyer... you know... if he ever does anything... ever.

Andrea Watts said...

haha Kevin, love the summary.

Bill said...

Hey, Mike, my congressman when I lived in IL used to be Mark Kirk, who says that Illinoians should shoot anyone who raises taxes. And now my current governor in TX wants to secede from the union!

And my old governor is facing corruption charges!