Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I hoped this would be my first post, but it appears I am too late.

Well, Bill got to it first, but here's a photo of the aforementioned plane:

And the accompanying sign:

I first saw it when I was walking out of the dining hall, and I must say I laughed my ass off from there back to Walsh. A plane? Really?


ShamRockNRoll said...

When I was walking back to my truck I literally LOL'd myself, haha.

And then I tweeted "Where's a surface-to-air missile when ya need one" whereas Katie simultaneously tweeted something about getting a No Fly Zone over campus, lol. I thought that was an interesting perspective on the immediate gut instincts to the same problem from a masculine & feminine perspective. FAIL to me... Katie for the win.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely crazy. For a few weeks now it's felt like we're at the epicenter of the culture war.

The plane sign was pretty bad, but somehow I was more offended by the truck that was driving around on campus during the blue gold game. It had dead baby fetuses all over it with things like "shame on nd", "judas and jenkins betrayed jesus", "repent now or perish", and (my personal favorite) "international terrorist" underneath a picture of Obama. AWESOME.

I just wish this craziness would end and you guys could have a good time celebrating your four years of accomplishments without all the crazies taking over. Hasn't your graduation been turned into enough of a political sideshow?

Bill said...

Fortunately, somebody out there does keep a camera around

Jackie Emmanuel said...

I actually knew it was circling and ended up running back to my dorm and grabbing my camera. Sadly, I couldn't get any really good close-ups of the entire thing.

J D said...

I'm more in favor of an Irish Airspace Patrol.

It only costs a few grand to build an ultralight aircraft that anyone can fly with no pilot's license, and maybe another $1000 after that for a Soviet surplus MANPAD weapon (Man-Portable Air Defense).

That banner has got to have an awfully large radar cross section.

I'm not saying anything.

I'm just saying.