Thursday, April 23, 2009

John McCain Flips the Proverbial Script on Torture

Submitted for your approval: the case of one John Sydney McCain, a man with a long life and a short range of motion in his shoulders. A man who, 40 years ago, was subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of an out-of-control band of revolutionaries, and vowed never to condone torture, having experienced it himself. A man who is keenly aware of political realities. So keenly, in fact, that one such concern has caused him to take a sharp right turn... into the Hypocrisy Zone.

Senator McCain said today that it's just too darn dangerous for us to prosecute those who made the decision to torture for intelligence. It'll be a witch hunt, by gum! Why can't we just move forward and let bygones be bygones? Let's look to the future! None of this dwelling on the past!

I agree, Senator. We should all look to the future in criminal cases rather than looking toward the past. Sure, officer, I was doing 120 in a 35 at the corner of Old Lady Crossing the Street and Elementary School, but that's in the past! Let's look forward!

What could have caused this strange dissociation from John Boy's usual, somewhat stiff-armed stance?

Oh. Yeah, I guess that would do it.

McCain faces a credible primary challenge from the right for the first time in many years, proving once again (as if we didn't know from the Presidential race) that he will do anything to get elected. It's too bad, too. McCain was one of the reasons I registered Republican back when I was 18 (a significant time longer ago for me than for many of Lefty's editors), thinking that the Republican party was really the Big Tent party, and all of those socially conservative stances I was really queasy about weren't all that important, were they? After all, they hardly got a peep of mention most of the time. I mean, hey, look at this McCain guy! He talks right down the middle as a matter of course, stands up for logical, fair stances on the issues, and doesn't care what his party leadership thinks! Awesome! Now that's a Republican.

No, I'm afraid this is a Republican, Virginia: a guy who has no trouble looking at his literally tortured past and selling it out when it looks like his job might be threatened. Accountability? What accountability? This guy is younger and better-looking than me and is actually reasonably well-funded, judging by that intermailerwhatsernet he's got!

Sad. If there more Republicans like the one John McCain pretends to be, this country might be in a lot better shape today.


Henry Vasquez said...

Great inaugural post, JD! It's good to see personal experience in some of our writing. Keep it up!

ShamRockNRoll said...

Great post! I enjoyed watching the Republican primary back in 2000 and was rooting for John McCain then. I probably would have voted for Gore, had I not been 17, but I still thought McCain was a good guy and made a hell of a lot more sense than Bush.

Sadly, John McCain and the Republican party died in 2000. McCain realized the party was drifting down a course of right-wing extremism and decided to jump on the bandwagon if it would get him the nomination.

The guy will do or say anything these days, and I've lost all respect for him.

Bill said...


I was hoping that the end of the 2008 campaign would see a return of normal John McCain, but of course the far right had to ruin everything.