Wednesday, April 22, 2009

opposite marriage?

Congratulations Miss California! You are the new poster child of close minded Bigotry. In all her sparkling infamy, here is Miss Politically Correct:

In my little slice of America, I believe love can exist between anyone and should be recognized.

earth day playlist

motorcycle drive by - third eye blind
the district sleeps alone tonight - postal service
sleep - azure ray
recycled air - postal service
How are you celebrating and do you have any requests?


ShamRockNRoll said...

Andrea, I hope you know that there are some people from California who are wayyyyy cooler than this moron! ;)

Uhg, so embarrassing! To defend my state, if Prop 8 were to be voted on again today I don't think it would have passed. We'll get back there.

Bill said...

well hey, at least she has a real opinion. I'm just glad she didn't start her answer with "I personally believe um that U.S. Americans..."

Andrea Watts said...

okay Miss California makes more sense than Miss South Carolina...

J D said...

Two truths for today:

1) Motorcycle Drive-By is a fantastic song.
2) Miss California is the very picture of ignorance.

Request: Guster - What You Wish For

Anonymous said...

That whole answer is just cringe-tastic.

Anonymous said...

So she's not going to be mistaken for Dorothy Parker, but her delivery wasn't that bad by pageant standards. Certainly her response wasn't the "worst in pageant history" as Perez Hilton later claimed histrionically.

As for the substance, what exactly justifies these attacks on her? "Poster child for close-minded bigotry?" Come on. That just reinforces the noxious idea, ultimately harmful to the pro-same-sex-marriage cause, that people who believe what Miss California believes on this subject are de facto close-minded bigots.

Yes, her delivery was inartful. Yes, she said "opposite marriage" instead of "opposite sex marriage". But it was a moderate expression of a moderate view, all things considered. Did anyone catch the Today show where they interspersed clips of Miss California and Barack Obama saying virtually identical things on the subject of marriage?

Andrea Watts said...

I did catch the Matt Lauer interview. Yes, her view is moderate. And yes, I will admit that my "close minded bigotry" usage is an unnecessary superlative. Anonymous, thank you for your response.