Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter Switches Party!

GOP Senator Arlen Specter is going to switch his affiliation and officially become a Democrat! This is a big deal for many reasons.
  1. Once Franken is finally sworn in, this will give Dems a 60-seat majority.
  2. This will put more pressure on the final two liberal Republicans to follow suit and join the Democrats (Snowe and Collins)
  3. This keeps Arlen Specter, a long-time Senator who, for the most part, deserves to keep his job from facing a difficult primary challenger in 2010
The Democrats just look like their tent is getting bigger and bigger, continuing to push the GOP into the fringes of conservatism and making them ostensibly a regional party.

Here is the CBS article and the DailyKos post


Bill said...

dang it, you scooped me

ShamRockNRoll said...

Crazy... just got this news on Twitter right after I posted and had to book it to class (which I'm currently in and should probably log off now, haha)

Let's not get too excited about this though. It's not like Specter will be with on all (or even most) issues. It does help though, if for nothing else, just because it's fun to kick the G.O.P. while they're down.

I'd assume that he must have had to work out some kind of a deal with Harry Reid. He couldn't just switch without talking to him... so maybe Reid laid out some guidelines for support on key issues. I don't know, just speculating... it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

If Specter's going to run as a Dem though, he had best support the EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act). He's gone back and forth on this. PA is a big labor state, so if he doesn't support it, I would hope to see labor back a Dem primary challenger. I'm not a total labor hack just because I was in a union, but I really think this is a great bill that would help a lot of people.

Kevin Casimer said...

I don't even care if he votes w/ the bad guys on everything else if he just agrees to bust the filibusters.

Jackie Emmanuel said...

I was about to post this as well!
BTW, Specter's quoted on politico as saying that he won't change his stance on EFCA - I don't think we'll have his vote on it (too bad :( )

Henry James Vasquez said...

Next we need to get Schwarzenegger to switch parties.

Bill said...

how about Charlie Crist?

ShamRockNRoll said...

I could see Schwarzenegger at least going Independent, if not full Dem, then running for Senate, haha oh God.

Anonymous said...

That headline ("Specter Switches Party!") is a bait-and-switch. It turns out that, no, he's still a Democrat.

Bill said...

^^^^laaaame joke