Thursday, April 30, 2009

Take a deep breath, America...

...unless you happen to be in a confined space such as an airplane or subway, lest the Mexican pig plague cross our red, white and blue biological borders and infect us all, just like those terrorists south of the dividing line planned all along!!!!!!!

We all love Joe Biden, but you've got to admit that polishing jobs like the one the White House press team did today of smoothing over his morning's incendiary call to alarm can't happen with any sort of frequency. We've seen too often in our country's history what happens when panic supercedes reason.

Political science students as many of us here at Lefty's are, I'm breaking out the literature on this one. I'm reminded of how in Thucydide's Peloponnesian War it is ultimately the plague in Athens that unravels the order in the polis, not the war with the Lacedaemonians at all. Faced with a health crisis in which their fellow Athenians are dropping like flies and the very act of caring for each other is enough to further the contagion, our legendary inventors of democracy give way to panic, anarchy ensuing.

Don't get me wrong, though. A simple Google search will reveal to you that the swine flu, or the H1N1 virus (as th wise among us are working to relabel the sickness), carries with it no more than the basic symptoms of common influenza strains. It's not a plague; at this point, there has been one death from it on American soil, and the unfortunate one of a Mexican infant who crossed the border at that. But the message we're getting from many media sources and leaders across the political spectrum - knowlegable men and women who should know better - is one of great alarm:

Dear America,
Cancel travel plans, stop buying pork, and close the schools! We have Jack Cafferty wistfully proclaiming midst his sniffles that had we done more to secure the U.S./ Mexico border post-911, “all these illegal immigrants who we let come in, . . . (some of whom) may have brought this in,” would be less of our concern. Representative Duncan Hunter, R- California, among many others with anti-immigration initiatives to their names, is calling for a border seal to further prevent the spread of what threatens to be a global pandemic.

The swine flu was brought to the United States initially by a group of high school students spring breaking in Mexico...

We don't need to close the border, and to turn this unfortunate health scare into an argument about immigration policy is, for lack of a better word, sick.

Just wash your hands, folks. Wash them of the contagion of ignorance while you're at it, too.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Q. I love the link, too!

ShamRockNRoll said...

Yay! Good to see you on here! I wanted to do a 100 days post, but I am soooooooo busy!

Anyhow, I agree with your post, although I think when I fly back to CA I'm going to act extremely fluish just to F with people.


Kevin Casimer said...

It used to be said that a black man would be president 'when pigs fly'. Now, 100 days after Obama's innauguration, swine flu.

Andrea Watts said...

Wonderful post - very entertaining writer!