Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breaking: Chris Matthews Makes Sense

It's always nice to see someone in the media actually press the idiots they interview to give real answers and account for their BS.  

In case you're not up to date with the "birthers"--a new wingnut base of the GOP (because there weren't enough already?!?)--they seem to be a growing movement, both in number and batshit-index, that think the president is not legitimate because he was born in Kenya, or Hawaii before it was a state (even though it was a state), and all sorts of other crazy shit.

To illustrate this further, here's a video that went viral yesterday of some looney-toon at this poor GOP congressman's town hall.  Behold the debauchery that ensues when this whack-job essentially hijacks this poor man's little gathering.  It's how I would imagine the "two minutes hate" in 1984 taking place.  What's truly even more frightening is that the crowd is with her, and she's not just an isolated old wingbat that forgot to take her pills:

Now, here's Chris Matthews interviewing some dipshit GOP congressman who is trying to embolden the birther movement by introducing some bill that would require the president and any future president to produce a birth certificate, blah blah blah (even though HE ALREADY HAS!)  Kudos to Chris Matthews for making this guy look like a fool.


Colleen said...

Fantastic. What a bunch of crazies. That woman looked like tornado bait.

ShamRockNRoll said...

Lol, "tornado bait"??? Is that a midwest term that I'm not yet familiar with?