Tuesday, July 14, 2009

President Obama's First, First-Pitch

President Obama threw out the first pitch in tonight's MLB All-Star Game.  Just about making it to the plate, with a little help from the glove of Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols.  Note the significantly more positive reception than the last POTUS & VPOTUS received at sporting events... ahhhh, change.


"Batman" said...

Speaking of receptions, Bush vs Obama


ShamRockNRoll said...

Totally relevant. NOT.

"Batman" said...

I know this is not meant to be a serious, insightful post and everyone thought the President throwing the first pitch was kinda fun, but i just wanted want to show everyone that not everybody is simply blissful in the age of "Obama's Camelot."

How is that youtube video not relevant...even CNN recognizes that the Marines did not give Obama a warm welcome in comparison to that of Bush...you may well think that those Marines' sentiments are wrong, but a change in reception among a group people does not indicate positive change overall

ShamRockNRoll said...

I just see comparing a spliced youtube clip showing the two presidents addressing the military with a president throwing out a pitch at a baseball game to be like comparing apples and oranges... especially considering how the Bush admin was notorious for pre-screening virtually all appearances.

A clip of Bush throwing out a pitch at a ball game would have been more relevant. But as you said, this wasn't a "serious" post.