Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Funday: I'm an Arrogant, Elitist Bastard

I made someone cry last week (see: comments) for making fun of Sarah Palin's lack of knowledge about the functions of a government for which she desired to be the second most powerful person in the country, so... that apparently makes me a dick.  But I'm okay with that.

Most of you enjoyed the "Re-name a Government Department as if You Were Sarah Palin" game.  I think my favorite submission was Franco's "Dept. of Energy = Dept. of Drill-Baby-Drill!"  Henry's "Dept. of Labor = Dept. of Blood, Sweat and Elbow Grease" was a classic as well... phoning it in was "Anonymous" with "Dept. of Transportation = Dept. of Zoom-Zoom!" --after some thought, I think that's in reference to an old Mitsubishi commercial.  I also got some emails & tweets (why don't you people post in the comments for crying out loud!? lol) with great ones like "Dept. of the Treasury = Dept. of Cash-Money!!!" (also submitted in another email as "Dept. of Bling-Bling!" and, "Environmental Protection Agency = Dept. of Dirty Hippy Tree-huggers."

Anyhow, thanks for the laughs, but the real point of this Sunday Funday is to mock the Governor once again, as this is her last day in office!  Is this kicking her while she's down? Well, probably--but I'd remind you to read the title of this post.  

Remember that epic resignation speech she gave on July 3 that had everybody's jaws on the floor?  You can watch the travesty here (Part 1) (Part 2)  But to really appreciate it, you must check this out!!!  The speech was so notoriously garbled and confusing that it inspired the copy editors at Vanity Fair to attempt to make the transcript publishable just to see what it would take... kind of like trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop.

This is only the first page, mind you... you really must check out the link above to Vanity Fair and take an up-close look for yourself.

*Caution: ounce of semi-legit sympathy forthcoming*  Now, I think I understand why the governor decided to resign.  She was thrust into the national spotlight completely unprepared, and it totally derailed her pleasant life in Alaska.  She probably should never have accepted the VP offer, but who would turn that down? Though, John McCain REALLY never should have offered it to her to begin with.
*End sympathy*

So, we say farewell to Sarah today... who knows what's in store for her in the future?  Some say she'll try a presidential run despite the embarrassment of the last year, and the fact that she's quitting her job before her term expires.  Others say maybe a TV gig or something like that.  Lord knows, FOX will put anyone on the air these days.  Or, maybe she'll retreat back to her private life in Alaska and shun politics altogether.  Will we be seeing Sarah in the world of politics in the future??? 

...One can only hope.

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ShamRockNRoll said...

Yes, "be careful what you wish for," I know. But really? ...Really?