Friday, August 14, 2009

Bipartisanship ≠ Good Legislation

Hey guys. I'm taking a brief break from my weekend away to post this short clip that sums up my feeling about "bipartisanship" at least as far as healthcare is concerned.

Read Chris' post below. I agree. The president needs to draw a line in the sand and not be so afraid to fail.

The way I see it. We have 60 caucusing Democrats, and they might as well be good for something. Some of the sucky ones don't even have to vote for health reform, just don't support a Republican fillibuster, and let's get this done.

This clip illustrates perfectly why working with the opposition on this issue is futile. Their goal is not to come up with a healthcare reform bill that serves the American people. Their goal is to stop it, or water it down enough so that it's not a threat to the billions of dollars the health insurance companies make every year--and then funnel back to Congress as campaign donations--by NOT treating their customers.

Breaking: Chuck Grassley is a huge D-bag.


Chris Rhodenbaugh said...

and I believe that Grassley boasted about stalling health reform right before he told the audience that big government wants to pull the plug on Grandma. I am tired of having to salute to these bumbling idiots. It is dishonest to the American people for Democrats to run around proclaiming bi-partisanship. Make the bill good and make it our own. Leave them in the dust.

ShamRockNRoll said...