Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fearless Charities

If you haven't already heard of Fearless Charities, I highly suggest you check out their website here. They are an NGO that is working in dangerous parts of the globe to ensure that humanitarian aid is properly delivered. Our good friend Nathaniel Smith has been keeping us up to date on FC news. Recently, they participated in a conference with the Center for Complex Operations.

Check it out:

Earlier this week our Chief Operating Officer, Nathaniel Smith, and our Head of Research, (the soon-to-be Dr.) Thomas Apker travelled to Washington, D.C. and entered the prestigious halls of the National Defense University to attend a conference hosted by the Center for Complex Operations.

The Center for Complex Operations is a joint Department of Defense, State Department, and US Agency for International Development institution tasked with developing better ways for the US government to engage in complex operations - counter-insurgency, relief work in warzones, post-conflict reconstruction, etc. It is easy to understand why Fearless Charities was so keen to be in the room!

Our representatives took an active part in question and answer periods, making our presence known and punching well above our weight. During the meet-and-greet following the formal conference, informal discussions were held by our personnel with senior members of other NGOs, with State Department employees, think tank members, and academics.

The feedback which Fearless Charities received from these conversations was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. New contacts and opportunities have been discovered and there may be a partnership or two in our future. The NGO community has welcomed our presence and wishes us the best of luck in our future.

After hearing from many speakers, both formally and informally, Fearless Charities is more dedicated than ever to maintaining independence from government funding and continuing to develop an advocacy role for the NGO community. It was also made clear that the need for Fearless' services in the world-at-large will only become more acute in the years ahead. On this basis of demand, we are in a growth industry.

Fearless Charities looks forward to that growth and fulfilling that demand.

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Bill said...

Very exciting stuff, Henry. I'm back in South Bend now, you should hurry up and get back here!