Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missed Chances

Yes, I know that there weren't really that many people, and they are a minority of the overall population, but they still represent something dreadful. There is going to be a populist revolt in this country. And we better hope that it comes from the left and not the right. This "cold peace" in Washington, where nothing gets done, is not sustainable, and something has go to give. And if the "change" comes from the Right next time, then there will be another major war, that is guaranteed, because the only Keynesianism that the Right accepts is from the military.

Were are in for long-term high unemployment, both the White House and the Fed have said as much. What's going to happen when the young people (who don't go to Notre Dame) of this country realize they have no future, and when the majority of Americans watch their standard of living decline? I thought that the White House and the Democrats in general would step out in front and grab this populist anger by the horns and direct it at who is really to blame i.e. the rich. I thought that even after a generation a selling-out to industry, they would realize that this was their moment to break free. Whether they couldn't or wouldn't doesn't really matter at this point, because after bailing out the banks, letting credit card reform and mortgage reform die, burying single-payer, and passing sub-par stimulus and energy bills, it's clear that they are only in this game for half-assed, not-really-changing-anything-in-the-long-run "change." I don't really know if it is possible for liberals and the left to articulate a point of view separate from the Republicans and the leadership of the Democrats, our media doesn't acknowledge any view left of Obama. But we must try.


blakey said...

I didnt know how to enclose links, so i embedded it in the title (click the title). also you guys should really read that link in the body of the text.

ShamRockNRoll said...


To embed videos click on the "Edit HTML" tab (next to the default "Compose" tab that you're writing your posts in, then just copy & paste it wherever in the body of the post you'd like.

Also, when adding pictures, it usually throws their html to the top of the code, so what I do is load them one at a time, scroll to the top: copy, paste, DELETE. and then post the code wherever I intended the picture to be.

If you'd like, get in touch w/ Henry or I and we can show you a few things in person.

Now regarding that video: there were not 1.7 million people at that tea-bagger protest. Park police estimated somewhere around 50,000 and said they were being "generous." And I think the tea-baggers already got busted for trying to circulate fake pictures (from other protests/demonstrations) to make their look much more relevant than it really was.