Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reason #11,973 Why I'm a Liberal, and a College Democrat

...Because the College Republicans hate children.

We had a guest speaker at the College Democrats meeting Sunday night. He was the campus representative for Teach for America, a really great program that sends the best and the brightest recent college graduates to teach in public schools in urban and rural areas for two years.

After speaking briefly about the program and signing some people up for more info, the speaker thanked us for having him and for passing along information about the program.

Then he said this: "You know, the only club we contacted on campus that refused to send out our email or let us come talk to their members was the College Republicans." The room erupted with laughter--thinking he was joking and just playing to the crowd.

He wasn't.


Henry Vasquez said...

Easy quips and stereotypes aside, I'm not exactly sure what Teach for America does that the College Republicans dislike. If anyone has any idea, I would love to know.

LeftCoastLefty said...

Haha, really. It was just so funny because it totally fits into the stereotype, but what could their objection possibly have been?

TFA must be one of those re-education camps to indoctrinate the children into little socialists that Michelle Bachman is always blabbering about, lol.

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to actually look into what the reason was, or should we just let the supposition flatter our prejudices about College Republicans?

Henry Vasquez said...

I'd honestly love to know.

blakey said...

Henry, it all fits in with their plan to destroy public education in America. Im not surprised.

Chris Rhodenbaugh said...

It is because conservatives have made service a partisan issue.

J D said...

It is because people like Michelle Bachman REALLY BELIEVE that TFA is a socialist indoctrination program.

I'm not kidding. This isn't just "prejudice about Republicans."

Unfortunately, assuming the worst about our political opposition is getting less and less presumptuous these days. They keep filling the worst stereotypes about themselves better and better.