Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Evening Tunes

Hello everybody! Long time no talk...

As many of you know, I had to step back from blogging this semester because of an internship I have. Heartbreaking as this may be for me, I've still been doing some of my editorial duties behind the scenes. I just wanted to come on today and say a big "Thank You!" to everyone who has stepped up to keep the content on Lefty's fresh, substantive and hilarious as always. You've made my task as an editor much easier by not requiring me to chase you down on campus and beat you over the head with a blunt object to get you to post. So, once again, thank you to all our current writers, old and new, who make this site what it is. Our traffic has been picking up substantially over the last couple of weeks, and this is because of you! Keep up the good work!

On another note, it is Sunday. And while many of you are familiar with our Sunday Funday features, we haven't had a whole lot of them lately, because I used to do a lot of those as well. And while I still can't post my politically related snark that used to make Sunday on Lefty's so enjoyable for me, I thought I'd renew my "Sunday Evening Tunes" feature this week with a video from my favorite band, Muse (note, Bill posted the last few SET features, which were pretty rad, featuring the likes of Godzilla & Tay Zonday, thanks Bill). I'll probably keep this up every week since I'm suffering from withdrawals from not being able to post anything about politics. This helps.

This is the video for "Uprising," the first single from Muse's new album "The Resistance," which came out last week and I highly recommend to everyone.

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Andrea Watts said...

I love Modern Guilt! :)