Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You, Republicans

Thank you, Republicans. Thank you.

Every day I wake up, I look in the mirror, and you remind me why I'm a Democrat.

So I got thinking, what kind of great things wouldn't exist if it weren't for Republicans? For every Notre Dame has its USC, every Mac its PC, and every Tupac his Biggie.

So, I present this list of my
Top 10 Things That Exist Because of Republicans:

#10- Mainstreaming of words like "Teabagging" 

Plus, we can't leave out classics like "welfare queen"and "states' rights."

#9- Tina Fey finding her long lost twin


 #8- Having the most interesting elections in the world
I mean, in all seriousness, who can really say they have the parity and fireworks of an American Presidential Election? Just ask anyone from one of those other 122 "democracies" who can hologram-beam a talking head straight into their news studio. Take that BBC!

#7- Puerto Rico

You brought us the wonders of The West Side Story, J Lo, and half of our local major league baseball team.

#6- The Panama Canal

...and the Interstate Highway System. How else would Walmart get us that $3 fleece blanket during the cold South Bend winters?

#5- Countdown With Keith Olbermann

Just plain old wouldn't exist without ya.

#4- The Colbert Report

I love this clip so much! I am so thankful for Republicans. "You have to be high to understand Jon Stewart." (Colbert, 3:32)

#3- The Huffington Post

 Arianna Huffington, founder of the HuffPost, was a former conservative, who rose her way to the top on the coattails of her wealthy Republican ex-husband, Michael Huffington.

#2- The Presidency of Barack Obama

 I'd love to think otherwise, but would America really have elected Obama if it weren't for the epic fail that was 2001-2009? I guess we'll never know.

#1- Lefty's Last Cry

Dearest to our hearts, Lefty's Last Cry owes it's existence to Republicans. When over half of our posts thrive on your missteps and our comment wars are fueled by your intense passion, we owe it all to you, baby.


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Andrea Watts said...

Henry I love this little compilation of why we are proud liberals :)

great post