Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game Day!

Notre Dame vs. USC

If you're not fortunate enough to join us today, you can cheer us on via NBC at 3:30PM EST.
Gather your friends at home, or head to your local watering hole and cause a ruckus! Especially to all my loyal ND fans back in Southern California... make those sorry SC fans want to leave the bar!!!

Big game today... USC is trying to earn its way back into the discussion about a national championship. Meanwhile, we at Notre Dame are looking to reassert ourselves as a serious top-tier program--a team that can beat an elite program like USC. This is more than just getting the W. This is for the heart and soul of Notre Dame--breaking the streak of SC defeats--waking up the echoes. It can be done. Trojans break!

We're rooting for you guys! Go get 'em!

...Don't forget, Irish, touchdown Jesus will be looking over you. And he's already phoned in his support.


As always... pre-game predictions, real-time cheering/cursing, and your general thoughts are all welcome in the comments!


Anonymous said...

So is this the year?

Anonymous said...


ShamRockNRoll said...

Son of a bitch!!! :(

As much as tonight's result sucks, I think we've got to be proud of leaving it all out there down to the last second of the game.

Can't be disappointed in our team tonight. Disappointed in the result, yes, but when I wrote in this post that we were playing for the heart & soul of ND tonight, they lived up to that. No embarrassing blowout like last year... we were so close!!! And afterwards I didn't see a single person leave until the band finished playing the alma mater.

Time to open the whiskey...

J D said...

This "so close" thing is becoming a really unfortunate trend.

I can't add my voice to those calling for Weis's head. It just doesn't make any sense. But we really do need to find a way of developing leadership and finding a cohesive direction for the program. I think Charlie can get us there, I just don't know exactly how he can do it. We HAVE the raw talent. I know we do.

Anonymous said...

Right. The "so close" thing is getting old, BUT, so close against USC after they embarrassed us the last couple years, is a sign of visible improvement. I don't agree with all the Weis criticism right now either. We need to win the rest of our games though. A 10-2 season would be a heck of an improvement from last year. There are no excuses left for losing.

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