Friday, October 9, 2009

The Nobel Prize

My first thought when I learned that Obama got the award was that it was just politics. Because in some ways that is all the Nobel Peace prize has been about, Kissinger got the award back in the 1970's for instance, and he is one of the biggest war criminals of our era. The Europeans are just sending a message that they don’t like Republicans. But it really does cheapen it more, for people who actually deserved it like Mandela, King, and Carter. It takes a lot of balls to give the Peace prize to someone who is currently presiding over two wars and escalating one of them. Someone who supports indefinite detention, refuses to prosecute torture, and has basically kept most of Bush's draconian "anti-terror" laws. Of course he doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t care that the DNC says those who oppose it are terrorists, or that the Right Wing is also against it. Some of the comments from the Left are so servile and pathetic. They just want to clap for their leader even if it doesn’t make sense, because they are happy "their" team scored a point. Imagine how many people truly deserved this award, who are out there in the trenches every day that could have used this recognition and exposure, real peace activists. This also neuters peace activist in this country who are opposed to the Afghan war, because Obama can just wave his award at them. This is absurd.


Henry Vasquez said...

Damnit Blakey stop using the giant font! I keep having to fix it. Bigger font doesn't mean more people will read your work. Thx, Henry.

Blakey said...

Hahah sorry. I put it in word to edit, and it comes
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Bill said...

try pasting your finished work from word into the Edit Html section instead of the Compose section. The Edit Html one doesn't save your formatting from copy-pastes

Also, good post!

LeftCoastLefty said...

I strongly disagree with all this criticism about this. Especially from the left. Aren't you always reminding us not to be self-hating liberals?

I understand some of the criticisms of you, and JD, certianly... but it's missing the big picture. Rachel Maddow's segment on this "nontroversy" tonight was excellent. She went over some of the history of the award, the committee's rationale for awarding it, and the President's acceptance, and his admitting that he didn't view it as an award he deserves for anything already achieved.

LeftCoastLefty said...

One more editorial suggestion. If there's an article you'd like to link to, can you do it in the body of your text? I'm writing a post and trying to link to your post, but I can't get the permalink because I click on the title and it just takes me to a article.

LeftCoastLefty said...

Nevermind, I went into my little editorial nook and was able to find it. Though, it still might be helpful to your readers to reference a link you would like them to read in the body of your post, as many people won't click the title, and have no idea that you linked to anything.