Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 Lessons From the Charlie Weis Era

This might be a bit presumptuous, given that the firing hasn't happened yet, but that is a gamble I'm willing to make.

Presenting: Henry's 5 Lessons From the Charlie Weis Era

#5: Being a native son shouldn't earn you preferential treatment.

#4: Notre Dame can recruit again. However, a coach cannot lean only on the caliber of his recruits. He must develop those players.

#3: Hire someone who has already proven themselves as a head coach at the D-1 FBS college level.

#2: College football is more about executing fundamentals well and less about "schematic advantages."

#1: Don't give 10-year contracts to anyone.

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ShamRockNRoll said...

Right on. I would add to #4 the concepts of leadership and motivation. I think Weis clearly developed some of the talent well (Clausen, Tate), but does he get them fired up? Does the team function as a cohesive whole? Where is the inspiration?

Every press conference after one of our last minute losses, Weis would say how we're "not concentrating on bowl games, or the BCS" but that we're just "focusing on playing [insert opponent] next week." Well... maybe the head coach should be emphasizing those big picture things a little bit more. At ND it is more than just about the next week's opponent--to a degree of course.

The next head coach needs to walk the team down the tunnel on his first day, tell the players to look up at the national championship banners and emphasize that we got the last one in 19-freak'n-88, and that the reason they are all there is to end that streak.