Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New President, A Hibernation Complete

Welcome Back, Lefties of the World!

We've missed you these past two months, and we know you've been dying to hear from us. Now that the euphoria has passed its pinnacle, we have decided to rise from our slumber and continue a thoughtful discussion of American politics. It has been announced that President Obama (it feels good to erase the "-elect") will be closing the Guantanamo detention center. The President also stated that "Under [the Obama] administration, the United States does not torture. We will abide by the Geneva Conventions, that we will uphold our highest values and ideals. For many of us, this is great news, affirming some of our hopes about the future of the Obama administration. Nevertheless, we are left with the difficult decision of what should be done with the detainees. Obviously, any and all judicial options must be exhausted. The remaining (guilty) individuals will have to be held somewhere. This remains to be seen.