Friday, December 18, 2009

Joe Lieberman Is A Dirty Whore (as if you didn't know)

Joe Lieberman's backstabbing of the Democratic caucus has come to an intolerable point (Actually, I think it reached this point years ago, but now it's finally getting more attention).  Joe Lieberman is known as the Senator from Aetna for the way he whores out his power in the Senate to the health insurance giant Aetna, and other members of the corporate health insurance lobby.  The Democratic leadership has been continuously compromising on the health care proposal in the Senate to court the vote of Lieberman and other conservative Democrats.  This past week the latest compromise was scrapping the public option for an expansion of Medicare to allow people 55+ to buy into the program early... a compromise by the way, that Joe Lieberman supported three months ago.  As soon as this asshole caught onto the fact that liberals actually thought this would be a good idea, he suddenly changed his mind.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Crazy Week of Politics

Last night, I watched an interesting special comment by Keith Olbermann on the problems with the new health care reform bill.

Then today I heard Bill Clinton come out and support it.

Angry progressives are voicing their ire with Joseph Lieberman, including one man who threatens to organize a boycott of pro-Lieberman businesses in Connecticut.

MoveOn has reportedly raised over $1 million against Lieberman in under 48 hours.

Albeit finals week at ND, it's been interesting in the world of politics, from Copenhagen to Washington.

Finally, here is Olbermann's special comment, for your viewing pleasure:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stop Joe Lieberman.

Today I watched the news and was absolutely disgusted to find that
Sen. Joe Lieberman may be shutting down progressive health care reform
by himself! I have opposed the filibuster rule in the Senate for
quite some time, even though Sen. Harkin is raising that issue again
it will not be able to get passed in time to help us pass health care

Lets make our democracy work by putting pressure on Lieberman. How do
you put pressure on a politician? You make them look bad to their
constituents. Progressive Change Campaign Committee is an up and
coming organization that is widely being recognized as a liberal
megaphone in our political system. They have a great ad targeting
Sen. Joe Lieberman they want to air in Connecticut and are asking 3
dollars from health reform supporters like us to help them air it.

Please go to this link, watch the ad, and consider donating 3$