Friday, February 26, 2010

All the Good Torture Enablers Escape To U.C. Berkeley

The world’s most hated pretend lawyer/foreign national/law professor (AT BERKELEY?!), John Yoo, will finally have to stand trial for all those crimes on the world he committed. According to my huffpo:

A Senate committee chairman told the Justice Department on Friday to hunt for the missing e-mails of an attorney who provided legal justification for the Bush administration's harsh interrogation of terror suspects.

Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy's demand came at a committee hearing where the Justice Department's No. 2 official defended his department's investigation of the legal advice by the former Justice attorney, John Yoo, and his boss, Jay Bybee.
Oh shit, never mind, it’s just the Senate Judiciary committee? Maybe we can filibuster his appointment NINE years ago?

I mention only Yoo because, according to my tabloid encyclopedia, Bybee is now a real life judge on the 9th circuit court of appeals (you know, the gay one that hates all the christian gods) and therefore we cannot actually do anything to Bybee because he is protected by law to forever defile the American constitution.

And so the Senate will bitch and moan and not actually get anything done.

Another fine day for American Democracy.

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ShamRockNRoll said...

Good post man... I seriously do not believe John Yoo still has a job at Berkley.

Bill said...

Yep. And Condoleezza "if it was authorized by the President, it's not torture" Rice teaches at Stanford now. Lousy leftist institutions poisoning our kids' minds!