Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anthony Weiner (NY 9th) Smackdown

(go ahead & chuckle, his last name is quite phallic) Anyway, I saw this on Maddow last night. Congressman Weiner completely owns all the phonies that are not working toward health care reform. I also believe that he is just the type of politician that can reenergize the people.
Key quote:
"Make no mistake about it. Every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."
Check it out: 

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ShamRockNRoll said...

Adubs is straight gangsta, I LOVE that guy!

...the Adubs who posted this is pretty cool too.

Chris Rhodenbaugh said...

That is some of the best television in the history of C SPAN. Finally someone on the hill displaying the emotions and thoughts we have all felt for months.

Dylan Spartz said...

Dems fighting words... I hope I see a lot more where that came from and inspire other dems to follow.

Emerson Spartz said...

Congressman Weiner FTW!