Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bayh May Support The Public Option Through Reconciliation??

Senator Bayh's retirement shocked all of us...his interview with NPR on February 18th kept the surprises coming. Bayh said he "might" support it [reconciliation to pass health care].

THAT IS AN INVITATION to the people of Indiana to call his office and tell his staff what they think.

Please take 30 seconds to call his office: 
(202) 224-5623

All you need to say is: "I want the Senator to co-sign Senator Bennett's letter to Harry Reid asking to pass health care WITH a public option using reconciliation." Then say your full name and your address in Indiana.

If any of you watched the health care summit today you know that we are not going to get any Republican votes. To pass weakened bipartisan health care reform with only Democratic votes would be completely senseless. Do not miss this opportunity to stand up for health care. The people of the United States like leaders and strength. Let's finish this debate strongly!

Check out the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for more details on the campaign.

Thank you. Keep fighting.

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ShamRockNRoll said...

Great post, Chris! I really hope Bayh does the right thing here... I'll take back all the times I've called him a douchebag if he helps us get a public option! haha

Henry Vasquez said...

If Bayh can go for reconciliation, we shouldn't have a problem getting all the Democratic Senators that are to the left of him (approx. 40).

Andrea Watts said...

That photo is the perfect accompaniment to the text.

Great call-to-action post Chris!