Friday, February 26, 2010

President Jenkins: Don’t Silence Students and Workers!

Notre Dame Uses Police Intimidation to Stop Student Protest

On Saturday, February 20, a group of Notre Dame students peacefully gathered to protest university endowment investment in HEI Hotels and Resorts, a company that has been accused of violating workers’ rights. Students planned to distribute leaflets to call attention to layoffs, heavy workloads and alleged anti-union intimidation against HEI workers to raise awareness that Notre Dame should not invest in companies that do not respect workers’ rights and dignity as defined by Catholic social teaching. However, due to Notre Dame’s strict rules preventing freedom of speech Notre Dame police stopped the students and took down their names. They then confiscated their leaflets and did not allow them to continue their protest! Apparently, in order to pass out information of any kind, even factual information, students must get the flyers or leaflets approved through the Student Activities Organization, as well as have approved the date and location of the distribution. This is gross violation of a students’ right to free speech.

In order to demonstrate to the university that our voices will not be silenced, we are asking all universities involved in the campaign against HEI to participate in a phone-in to Notre Dame’s president John Jenkins.

"President Jenkins, I am deeply troubled with Notre Dame’s lack of concern for social justice in its investment policies, specifically with its relationship with HEI Hotels and Resorts. We demand that you listen to the voices of Notre Dame students and HEI hotel workers who are calling on the university to live up to its Catholic values!"

Also, send Jenkins and Scott Malpass (Notre Dame's head investment officer) this pre-written message. Just type in your info and, presto, they will get an email or fax.

There is power in numbers. Use your voice.

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ShamRockNRoll said...

Good post Sarah, thanks for taking on this issue. I think it's ridiculous how Notre Dame goes to such extremes to silence students on this campus. Aside from this HEI issue, we really need to address the lack of freedom of speech on campus.

Liz Furman said...

amen. our freedom of speech is so restricted here.

also, i've participated, so should all of you!!!!!!! by noon today, 826 emails had been sent to father jenkins and scott malpass. lets keep 'em coming and really send a message!