Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Evening Tunes: Electric Six "Synthesizer"

Hello Everybody! It's been a long time since I've posted for my favorite feature of the week, Sunday Evening Tunes!!!  Many of you might remember back when I started this last year, that I obsessively forced my love for the band Electric Six on you all... and well, this wouldn't be a proper re-entry to this feature if I didn't continue that tradition. So here it goes... This is the video to "Synthesizer" by Electric Six.

Those of you not familiar with this band should really check them out. They're very talented musically, their lyrics are a trip, and they do not take themselves seriously at all, as you can tell from their off the wall videos. And as a special treat, after the break I've also posted the greatest music video ever... another treat from E6 that I posted last year, but is most definitely worth sharing again.

And here, as promised, one of the most awesome videos ever: the Electric Six tribute to Queen with their cover of "Radio Ga Ga"!!!

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1 comment:

Henry Vasquez said...

Good find! These guys are pretty hilarious.