Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Charge of the Phone Brigade!

From 7:00 to 9:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2-3, 2010, a total of 15 brave volunteers marched boldly into the treacherous yet potentially fertile terrain that is the Indiana call universe. Hundreds of calls were made. Muted groans of discomfort were heard throughout Montgomery auditorium as blistered dialing fingers made just one more call. Field commander Jackson Taylor angrily rebuffed the advances of Notre Dame students who wanted to eat our pizza without dialing constituents. And by angrily rebuffed, I mean passively relented.

After brazenly navigating an initial bevy of wrong and disconnected numbers, these resolute warriors pressed onward, to the tune of 540 calls, 144 contacts, and 91 confirmed dial-throughs to Senators Bayh and Lugar. I can happily report that many of Bayh/Lugar’s office phones were shut down state-wide as a result of our coordinated efforts.

Pictured are five of the noble combatants who waged battle and emerged with their lives. Clockwise from bottom-left: Brendan McPhillips, Sara Bega, Briana Piper, Cassie O’Toole, Alyssa Sullivan.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and lending a hand!


Anna said...

Haha. Henry, this is great. I love Tennyson! The use of "field commander" is perfect.

ShamRockNRoll said...

Who's the stud in the awesome new Lefty's Last Cry T-shirt that you should all be rushing to buy!?!?!?

...oh yeah, that would be me.

Thanks again to everyone who made it out to help on Tuesday & Wednesday despite the hell that is midterms!