Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Lefty's YouTube Channel!

Just a quick announcement: We're transitioning from using Henry's YouTube channel for archiving our old podcasts to a new channel designated specifically for Lefty's Last Cry! Check it out!

We'll be gradually re-uploading our old classics on the new channel, as well as putting up new clips from past live shows, and even putting in some never-before-seen heard footage from our unreleased third podcast.


You better be.

A non-facebook version of the Kennedy-Obama dinner video is already up. If you haven't seen it yet, or if you just want to see a less buggy version of the video, you should check it out.

And, don't forget, new live podcast tomorrow at 9 PM. Don't miss it.


Robin :) said...

Wait, a video of the dinner?!?!
Does this mean that Vop is in it?
Because I love and miss him.

So psyched for the podcast coming up!!

Bill said...

lol. It's not really a video OF the dinner just a video version of a podcast, talking about the dinner. I was able to find like one picture of Vop though