Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reconciliation vs. Nuclear Option

I wrote this post on Tuesday, but for some reason Blogger erased everything I had on the post sans the title. Luckily, Rachel Maddow makes roughly the same points I did, but more persuasively and with more data to back it up.

Ladies and gentlemen, in lieu of backing up my files, I present: Rachel Maddow

My two cents: even if using reconciliation to bypass the filibuster on Health Care Reform this year is unprecedented (it's not, as Maddow makes very clear), it would be a response to unprecedented circumstances. We've never seen a more obstructionist minority in the Senate, and the number of times the filibuster has been used this past year has been truly unprecedented.

Or as John Kerry put it this week:
"On issue after issue, votes large and small, the strategy from the GOP at the highest levels has been the same: exploiting every Senate rule, playing every trick to try to slow things down. They put holds on bills that later pass by 90 votes, filibuster things they later vote for, block things they previously proposed. They used the filibuster to shoot down a debt commission that they themselves called on President Obama to implement! They block completely uncontroversial nominees and cause days of delays on the most critical of legislation. They even stalled on money for our troops last year, just to try to delay debate on health care reform."

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