Friday, April 23, 2010

Call/e-mail/fax-in to Father Jenkins and Scott Malpass

Click here to email and fax President Jenkins and Chief Investment Officer Scott Malpass. This is not limited to Notre Dame students- people/students from anywhere are welcome to participate

Also, give Father Jenkins a call today! Here is an example of what you can say:

President Jenkins, University of Notre Dame

President Jenkins, my name is _____ and I am calling from ________ in
solidarity with the HEI workers struggling for justice and the the
Notre Dame students on hunger strike. Please, do the right thing and
respect workers' rights - divest from HEI!

Spread the word, and call/email/fax in solidarity today!
1. Click the link at the top of the page to email and fax, make the
call and then forward this email to all friends and group email lists
2. Set the link to the action alert as your facebook status and tweet
3. If you are tabling today, set out a laptop so students can send the email/fax

Today, Notre Dame students are ending a five-day hunger strike today
with a rally and mass calling on the university to take concrete
action against HEI Hotels and Resorts, a company in which the
university is invested. Since fall of 2008, students have raised
concerns about the unethical labor practices of HEI by leafleting,
protesting, meeting with administrators and organizing teach-ins on
campus with HEI hotel workers who are leading the struggle for justice
at their workplace. Students argue that the way in which HEI treats
its workers is in direct conflict with Catholic Social Teaching on
workers' rights, including the right to dignity, respect, fair wages,
and to organize. Notre Dame claims to uphold these teachings in its
investment policy, but the administration has yet to take seriously
the injustices facing HEI workers and has even disciplined students
for handing out leaflets about the company. The hunger strike is a
call for the university to uphold its professed Catholic mission in
its investment practices.

See you at 5pm by the steps of the Golden Dome for the breaking-the-fast-RALLY!

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