Thursday, April 15, 2010

CDIN State Convention

Last Saturday April 10th, the College Democrats of Indiana hosted its annual convention at Purdue University. Approximately 70 Indiana college students were in attendance. Chapters represented included Purdue University, Indiana University, University of Notre Dame, Ball State University, Manchester College, St. Mary's and University of Indianapolis. Speakers on Saturday included Indiana Democratic Party chairman Dan Parker, candidate for State Auditor Sam Locke, candidate for Indiana House District 26 Paul Roales, candidate for Secretary of State Tom McKenna, Una Osili from Vop's Secretary of State campaign, and an OFA strategy workshop for the midterm election.

Needless to say, the College Democrats of Indiana want to ensure a lasting change and are fired up for the midterm elections! From Students for Brad Ellsworth to the "less sexy" local races, CDIN chapters are working across the state hoping to sustain the electoral results of the last election. In 2008 the College Democrats of Indiana registered 36,000 voters and Barack Obama won the state by 26,000. We hope to ride off that momentum to keep Indiana blue!

I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to Caitlin Worm, Mike Uehlein, Sean Dvorak, Chris Rhodenbaugh, Eddie VanBogaert and Kevin Casimer for their incredible hard work and dedication to this organization. Last weekend's convention not only gave us the chance to fraternize with our liberal like-minded friends, but it also re-energized CDIN to take us strongly into the midterm elections. As the new federation president, I am humbled to serve such a passionate group of democrats and activists.

Here's the newly elected CDIN executive board (many being Lefty's writers):

President - Andrea Watts (Ball State) - Facebook - Twitter
Vice President: Kelly Smith (Indiana University-Bloomington) - Facebook - Twitter
Political Director: Eddie Van Bogaert (Purdue) - Facebook - Twitter
Communications Director: Nick DeBoer (Purdue) - Facebook - Twitter
Finance Director: Colleen Lowry (Saint Mary’s) - Facebook - Twitter
Membership Director: Evan Thompson (Notre Dame) - Facebook


ShamRockNRoll said...

First of all, Andrea, congratulations on your election to CDIN President! I'm very proud of you, and I know you'll do a fantastic job leading the college dems of our state in the coming year!

Congratulations to the rest of our awesome officers as well. You guys will make a great team, and I'm confident that good things lie ahead.

Thanks for getting this recap of the convention up! Everyone at Notre Dame is still talking about what a blast they had!

Henry Vasquez said...

Great recap, Andrea! Congrats to all the new CDIN officers as well. With all of the passionate, young talent in CDIN, I'm very optimistic about the future of the organization.

Colleen Lowry said...

Congratulation to everyone, old and new! I think I can say for everyone that last weekend was a blast! A good time was had by all & it was a weekend we will never forget! We all live in Indiana, so we need to get together more than twice a year. Let's create more reasons to do Democratic things and party afterwards :)

Thomas Wachtel said...

Hey, I'm in that picture.

Seriously, though, I want to do a victory lap just to be able to do another CDIN convention.