Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Help Notre Dame College Democrats Become the 2009-2010 Club of the Year

  • The time of year has come for the annual Club Coordination Council to crown the Notre Dame Club of the Year. Our very own Notre Dame College Democrats have done great work and have proven to be one of the most vibrant, active clubs on campus. If you are a Notre Dame student, we would love for you to help us win the award.

Here's how you can help!

1) Get the nomination form here.

2) Type "College Democrats" under club and "Special Interest" under division.

3) Add your reasons for nomination in the spaces allowed. To save you time, we've listed some potential reasons below. Feel free to add your own and/or re-word the options below.

  • Maintained a solid membership with 40 attendees at every weekly meeting.
  • Held weekly dining hall dinners to build a social network for students.
  • Operated over 20 phone banks, making over 6000 calls for health care reform.
  • Hosted meetings that regularly included guests such as local politicians and candidates.
  • Built strong relationships with other student organizations such as PSA, MeCha.
  • Had a consistent media presence in The Observer.
  • Held regular service events with Hope Ministries, Catholic Worker, Center for the Homeless.
  • Worked regularly with other Indiana College Democrats chapters and attended statewide events such as a fundraiser dinner and CDIN state convention.
  • Hosted prominent speakers such as liberal talk show host Cenk Uygur.
  • Worked broadly on issues outside of campaigning such as clean energy, GLBT rights, genocide, and labor.
  • Exerted a strong progressive voice in the South Bend community.
  • Operated successfully without a Fall CCC budget allocation.
  • Maintained consistent and varied programming with an average of 2 events or opportunities each week.
  • Built a reputation statewide and nationwide as one of the strongest College Democrats chapters in the country.
4) Finally, send the document to ccc@nd.edu as soon as possible.

Thanks for all of your help,

Henry Vasquez
College Democrats of Notre Dame

PS: Here's a great little infographic about health care reform that we'll be posting around campus.
Click to expand:


ShamRockNRoll said...

I just sent in my nomination form right now. Hop to it, kids!

Jeff said...

The hate and rhetoric on this site makes me very sad it is affiliated in any way (even loosely) with the University of Notre Dame.

Bill said...

I'm not sure why persuasive speech would make you sad, but as far as hate goes, I must have missed something. People have strong opinions about politics, so it's pretty common to see impassioned defenses of those opinions on a website dedicated to the discussion of politics. It's best not to confound passion and hate. If the language on this site bothers you, I suggest you avoid political blogs altogether, since you won't like what you find out there.

ShamRockNRoll said...

Lol, seriously... wtf?