Monday, April 26, 2010

It Takes One To Know One

I think I may have been the last one to hear about this, but evidently employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission really, really like porn. Like, so much that they can't even wait to go home to look at it. During the lead-up to the financial crash of 2008, people at the SEC were finding ways around the filters the U.S. government puts on its computers to view pornographic material while on the job, with one spending up to eight hours a day doing so. The lengths to which these people went to do this are kind of astounding.
In one case, the report noted, an employee tried hundreds of times to access pornographic sites and was denied access. When he used a flash drive, he successfully bypassed the filter to visit a "significant number" of porn sites. The employee also said he deliberately disabled a filter in Google to access inappropriate sites. (from ABC News)
But anyway, as weird as that is, I'm actually not here to write too much about the actual offenses. My issue is more the reaction so far. To this point, most of the people who have vocalized opinions on the subject have been Republicans (aside from some of our awesome commenters). This annoys me. That's partially because I'm easily annoyed, but also for a couple of more legitimate reasons.

First of all, I'm not even sure why a person would bother to condemn this stuff. Government employees getting their jollies at work is so obviously wrong that it's just boring to talk about it. That's why I'm not doing it -- I would probably fall asleep. It's like making fun of the Oakland Raiders, only less fun because you can't link to pictures (and you don't have any of these guys involved. See how much fun that picture was? My point exactly). But more importantly, I have a message for the Republicans.

Really? REALLY?

You guys are less than a month past a scandal involving the expenditure of official RNC money at a damn bondage club. You really think that you're currently in a position to be doling out shame for violations of moral mettle? I mean, even before this I thought it was absurd that a party who inspired things like the blog post "Rating the Greatest GOP Sex Scandals of the Past 20 Years" ever tried to criticize anyone for anything like this, but to do it so soon after a major scandal is just about as close to a textbook definition of "hypocrisy" as you can get.

I just don't understand how these individuals expect to be taken seriously when they're taking shots at an easy target after their own committee just got through a sex scandal of its own. I don't see the point. I don't see why they don't just shut up.


smithkp said...

Oh Thomas, I'm gonna break this down in my favorite rhetorical manner (i think you know what i mean...):

1. I enjoyed this rant
2. Nice use of the word "jollies"
3. The right's hypocrisy is oh, so wrong.
4. You're fantastic.

Sarah Jones said...

To be fair, the left has had its fair share of sex scandals as well.

I don't really see it as a left vs. right hypocrisy issue. It's more the world vs. dirty people.

Thomas Wachtel said...

I'm not saying we don't have sex scandals...I'm saying that when they happen, we tend not to be the first ones out the gate condemning them. It's not doing it that's the problem (well, it is, but not the main problem). It's doing it, then pretending like you didn't. It's doing it, then preaching to everyone else about how they should act. It's the irony and hypocrisy that piss me off more than anything, not the affairs and the pornography.

Christian Sorrell said...

I understand the frustration. I feel like something similar could be said about nearly every aspect of politics really like when the Dems wanted to bypass the filibuster in order to pass health care with different obscure rules like cloture or whatever and the Repubs threw a fit even though they had threatened to do it before (and the Dems threw a fit at the time as well). Politicians never want to claim responsibility for their own actions, but always want to look better then their competition.