Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Lefty's Vision

Hey there Lefties!
We want to thank you for keeping up with Lefty's Last Cry. The blog has become a vibrant place for college progressives, adding new writers almost every week and staying on top of the major political issues of the week. In our 22-month history, Lefty's has taken on a new vision that is ambitious and exciting. We recently drafted a mission statement that you can see here on our ABOUT page. It reads:
The mission of Lefty's Last Cry is to provide an independent, powerful voice for progressive college students. In our efforts, we recognize that our ability to empower young people is incompatible with any formal affiliation to a particular university, business, or party.
In addition to this, we have progressively added new pages to the site, giving it a more dynamic appeal.
Here's a taste of each page. We encourage you to check them all out.

On the polls page, you can check out most of the past polls on Lefty's Last Cry and get a taste of history and perspective.

The comedy page features past winners of the caption contests, and funny photos from Lefty's past.
This page contains the recordings of our old podcasts. Check here soon for the audio to some more podcasts.

The newest Lefty's page, featuring winners of our competitive Writer of the Month award.

Our gear page features the beautiful Lefty's t-shirts in 3 color choices. Check out the newest shirts, in red:

Ladies Classic Red
$18.42- Order Here

Mens Classic Red
$18.42- Order Here

Our media page features a few photos of Lefty's writers together in various important events that they attended.

Finally, our contact page allows visitors to contact our editors. As Lefty's expands to more universities, it will be critical to have good communication with our senior staff.

The vision of Lefty's is realized through the efforts of our 40-person staff and the outreach done by our marketing department. Be sure to check out their work on Lefty's Facebook Fan Page

and our Lefty's Twitter account

Be sure to invite your friends to fan/follow Lefty's Last Cry and help us build the movement.

In closing, I'd like to recognize the incredible work of our talented staff. From news to graphics to marketing, you have made Lefty's the fastest growing political blog in the midwest. A special thanks goes out to our head graphic designer, Dylan Spartz, for the new Lefty's banner. I hope you all enjoy the new layout and features on the blog.

In sharing the vision of a strong, progressive voice, you have made us proud.


Your Editors

Bill Sanchez
Henry Vasquez
Brendan McPhillips


Andrea Watts said...

Henry, Bill & Brendan,
Thank you for your leadership! I don't think I can express enough gratitude for providing the Indiana collegiate community with writing opportunities. You have created quite a legacy.

I am so proud of you for building Lefty's to be such a political powerhouse :)

Mucho love,

ShamRockNRoll said...

:) Awh, thanks! You're the best, Andrea. I hope you'll expand CDIN's presence on Lefty's in the coming year!

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout! Looks great!

Sarah Jones said...

Updated Lefty's looks beautiful, gentlemen!

James said...

I'm all about the new IU colored shirts. Totally getting one!