Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Writer of the Month: March 2010

Apologies ahead of time for the belated Writer of the Month post. I know you've all been tearing your hair out for the past week waiting to see who will win. Sadly, instead of setting my clock forward an hour during daylight savings, I set it back 168 hours and only just now realized my mistake...

March 2010 has been one of our best months on record, and I want to thank everyone involved for making it possible. Despite midterms and spring break, our writers put together a lot of good content, especially March 2010's Writer of the Month:

Chris Rhodenbaugh!

This past month will go down in history as the month when we finally passed Health Care Reform, something that couldn't have happened without young activists (that's you, readers) writing letters, making phone calls, and getting the message out there that America needs reform. The landmark reform will also go down as one of the most contentious pieces of legislation ever passed, and instrumental to its passage was making sure that Americans are able to discern the truth about the bill from the plethora of falsehoods being put out by the angry and confused or the downright maliciously manipulative.

Chris Rhodenbaugh stepped into the fray this month to fight for health care, appearing with Lefty's Last Cry editor Brendan on local channel Fox 28, and being interviewed in the Observer, making the case for health care reform and explaining that the bill that passed does not fund abortion. He also wrote two quality posts to supplement his media appearances. (See "College Democrats in the Media Discussing Health Care" and "Healthcare Reform DOES NOT Fund Abortion"

Chris also wrapped up his final term as Co-President of the Notre Dame College Democrats in March, and made multiple appearances on our live podcast, Lefty's Last Laugh (Airing Thursdays at 9PM Eastern, with old episodes on our YouTube Channel).

Chris has been writing for us for over a year now, so be sure to check out his past work on Lefty's Last Cry. We hope to see more from him in the future.


Andrea Watts said...

Congratulations Chris! I hope to keep hearing from you

ShamRockNRoll said...

Woot woot!!!

Henry Vasquez said...

Congratulations Chris!

Whether it be leading phonebanks, writing for Lefty's, appearing in interviews, podcasts, and rallying the Democrats, Chris was instrumental in helping pass health care reform. Thanks!

Chris Rhodenbaugh said...

¡Muchas gracias amigos!