Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sarah Palin's Endless Supply Of Humor

Every once in a while the political news gets me down.
Sometimes, it's nice to mix things up with a little humor.

Here's a fun fact I wrote for OMG Facts today. It's not exactly political, but I think you might enjoy it. Those who followed the 2008 election closely, this one's for you.

You could shoot RUSSIA from your doorstep...

if you lived on Little Diomede Island in Alaska.
You could shoot a long range .408 Chey Tac sniper rifle
to Big Diomede Island in Russia, just 2.4 miles away.

Don't expect to hit your exact target, though.
The rifle is only accurate up to about 1.4 miles.

On the plus side, you'll send a bullet traveling through
time across the International Date Line and into tomorrow.

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Bill said...

haha. I told you that I usually host images on blogspot, but I wasn't expecting you to put it on lefty's. bahahaha