Saturday, September 18, 2010

Architects of UAE: I See You

Hello, Lefties!

I’m Sara, ND’s Arkie Dem. I thought it would be fun to keep y’all updated on the interesting things that go on in today’s architecture world.

I stumbled upon this and decided the United Arab Emirates is kicking our, well…democrat, if you will… in the Cool Architecture contest (if there was one, I mean). One of the UAE Government’s current architecture initiatives is Masdar, a planned city that will be the “world’s first zero carbon, zero waste city powered entirely by renewable energy sources.” It will be completed by 2016, but the renderings of this awesome city already look amazing! If you ask me, someone watched Avatar and thought “Unobtainium my ass. I'll bring Pandora to Earth!”

Possibly the coolest part of the energy-efficient technologies used to make this city zero-impact are the “sunflower umbrellas” that open during the day to give shade and store heat during the day, but close at night to allow a view of the night sky.

What I want to know is why we’re not planning on creating this kind of architecture over here. Granted, no one is building now, and we don’t have the land to have a planned city like this. I can tell you, it’s not based on an architect’s refusal. But utilizing the ingenuity and fervor the UAE would bring new life to the American city. This green architecture is absolutely gorgeous, so beauty is no longer a constraint. Implementing more energy-efficient technologies would save us money and resources. Alternative resources have been researched and developed to the extent that a ZERO-IMPACT city is now possible. There’s absolutely no excuse anymore to avoid at the very least a transfer a majority of our energy use to renewable sources.

Either way, I’m making a pilgrimage to Masdar in 2016. We’ll have graduated, but SB ’16 anyone?

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Kelly Smith said...

HELL YEAH BEGA! ***cheering hand motion****

Love the piece, love you. Keep rockin' the world, arkie!

<3 Kelly

Rabi Abonour said...

I have a cousin who does design/architecture work in the UAE. They are doing some crazy stuff over there.