Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GOP showing true color$ during tax debates

First off I’d like to say that green is in fact my favorite color, but as a true liberal the natural essence of fresh cut green grass is what draws me to the hue – not the similarity to the benjamins that are missing from my wallet and so closely held to Republicans heart (and votes).

I keep hearing the Republicon talking points over and over: “Raising taxes in a time of economic struggle is preposterous!” “Americans cannot afford Obama’s tax hike right now!” They’ve repeated it well, and their lemmings have taken hold. I have heard this position repeated on all major media outlets and I am repeating it, reluctantly, right now. When I hear these words come out of their mouth or read them in the news the theme song from The Apprentice instantly runs through my head, “Money, money, money, money, money, money, MONEY! Some people got to have it!... People can't even walk the street because they never know who in the world they're gonna beat for that lean, mean, mean green almighty dollar, money.”

Are they really trying to say letting tax cuts expire for only 2% of American is wholly raising taxes? A tax hike? They must be kidding, or just being extremely dramatic. What they really mean to be saying is: “Raising taxes for 2% of people in America in a time of a bourgeoisie economic free-for-all is preposterous!” “We, along with our corporate puppeteers, should not have to pay taxes. How dare you!” “And now a word from my sponsor [insert Big Business, anti-middle-class association here]...”

Without using this post to debate why Bush cut taxes in a time of war to begin with or why republicans can’t see that spending tax money for tax breaks is still, well, SPENDING money, I want to just shout something out real loud: “THANK YOU, REPUBLICANS FOR SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT.” Woot! Woot!

The Republican façade as defenders of the “middle” class (and “real folks”) has been so blatantly unveiled, by none other than themselves. If, God forbid, I were a member of the GOP, I wouldn’t touch this issue with a ten-foot pole. The fact that some of them are shows who is truly “out of touch.” They would rather fight a political fight over a couple bucks that the top 2% probably write off anyway instead of aligning with the interests of 98% of Americans who really could benefit from the tax cut extension. If they choose not to support the extension of tax cuts for 98% of Americans out of loyalty to a 2% minority of America, that’s great – our job campaigning in these last days will only get easier.

Now, let’s see how well Democrats can do with the opportunity that has been presented to us. Try these points (they seem to be working well): “Raising taxes in a time of economic struggle is preposterous!” “Americans cannot afford the Republican tax hike right now!”


Colleen Lowry said...

green is my favorite color too :) i like your rants as well.

Anonymous said...

Sad. There are so many easy arguments you could have made to actually demonstrate that the full extension of the tax cuts would be a horrible idea (effect upon the deficit, the fact that there would be little benefit to the economy since the rich would save the money instead of spending it, etc.). But instead, you resorted to an odd rant/electoral analysis.

What if the majority of the public did support fully extending the cuts? That wouldn't change the economics of the matter. What if Democrats are hurt instead of helped by their stance on this issue, come election day? That wouldn't change the fact that theirs is the right stance. Apparently, being a "true liberal" means reacting with glee ("woot! woot!") whenever it looks like your side is winning, and mocking Republicans because they like money??? Sorry, money is important--for this country, our families, and our businesses. A regressive tax system is a fair system. You don't have to mock rich people for their success--they're paying for it! (And yes, they should be paying more, especially given the times and income trends.)