Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey, Gingrich, leave our Pope alone!

Newt Gingrich to present new John Paul II documentary at Notre Dame

Newt Gingrich will be showing his new movie "Nine Days That Changed The World" on campus next Monday. I didn’t believe this story when I first saw it online; then I did some digging and found that it is indeed true (it’s on the ND website), and that Castilla Gingrich actually heads a production company, and that the movie is 99.99% a political ploy. John Paul II was an amazing man and great Pope, someone who deserves to be remembered and to have his accomplishments presented in film, but why is Newt Gingrich making such a movie? Does he think that he can throw together a movie, bring it here, and suddenly we all will love him and vote for him in his 2012 bid? This is one of the best universities in the country; we are not so easily fooled.

Only Domers are allowed to exploit this university for political reasons; you can’t just convert to Catholicism, make a movie about a Pope, and then you’re in. I’m sure there are those here who support Newt Gingrich; I have a friend at Georgetown who loves the man, but I can’t stand him. He is one of the most hypocritical and unscrupulous politicians ever. He ought to stay out of politics, but recent actions and statements reveal his intentions to reenter the ring. To be fair, this scheme is not nearly as disgusting as his attention-grubbing remarks about President Obama. In that case he was blatantly lying about and disrespecting a great man; in this case he is only being manipulative and exploiting a great man. I’ll finish my comments on Newt by saying that I hope I can avoid him during his visit to campus.

Now as for the movie, it is so obviously political that it taints the solemnity of the subject matter. Pope John Paul II did great things for the world, such as combating the repression of Eastern Europe under the Soviet Union. Yet, that is not really what this movie is about. I would LOVE to see a movie about John Paul II. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch this one because I won’t be able to stomach looking at Newt Gingrich standing next to his third wife every other minute. The story of John Paul II does not need a host and John Paul II definitely does not need Newt Gingrich; Gingrich needs himself associated with John Paul II. I am angry that I won’t be able to watch this movie (the legitimate parts look good), but I just can’t shake off the fact that this is just Gingrich’s latest stunt to draw attention and crawl back into the national spotlight.

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Anonymous said...

So, what are you going to do about it? Protest! Don't just "avoid him!" Write the university, start a petition, etc. Remember what happened when the supposedly anti-life Obama came? All hell broke loose, but why do hatemongers get to come in with no problem?

Mary said...

Why is the movie "99.99% a political ploy"? Just because Gingrich made it? That seems to be the only point of evidence you can suggest in your post. I went through the website, and it does not seem at all connected with least not American politics. This movie will have a ton of Polish politics at its core, but to read American politics into this is to miss the point of the film.

Moreover, Gingrich is a Catholic. Yes, he is a very recent convert to the Faith, but he is a Catholic nonetheless. If he admires JPII and wants to make a movie that pays tribute to the work done by the late Pontiff, then he can do it. There are no other "main stream" people willing to do it.

If places like Harvard, the United Nations, and Georgetown can show this film, then Notre Dame certainly can. Controversial people can and do come to Notre Dame. Heck, Notre Dame had President Obama come here, why can Gingrich?
And, Gingrich is only introducing the film--talking for ten minutes, while the movie is much longer then that. To refuse to go to the screening simply because you despise Gingrich and his presence is an unsubstantial, emotivist argument.